Things To Write Home About - Notebook
Things To Write Home About - Notebook

Things To Write Home About - Notebook

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When someone is going away, give them a notebook and make them feel like a true traveller, one who has a journal, if films have taught us anything, it's that true travellers, not tourists, travellers, must carry a notebook about their person for when the time comes to do a bit of deep thinking and reflection.

A friend of mine came back from Australia recently, she'd been there for a month, had plenty of photos, but all the stories she could recall happened in the last week and several at the airport on the way home.

It's the same with children going off to Uni or going on a gap year, you know some interesting stuff must be happening, you see the photos on social media but what about the deeper stuff, the life altering, perception changing stuff, I don't know, maybe they just aren't paying attention, or telling me about it, one of the two.

Either way, I think for the good of everyone, those brave souls who travel far and wide, have a duty to make notes so the rest of us know what we are missing out on!

The idea behind this range is 'Perfect notebooks for every person' - which works because they are 'perfect bound' notebooks and also there's a title suitable for all the different personalities types you will come across.

We think they will make great gifts to friends and family, and are bound to raise a smile.

Paper: Lined

Pages: 80

Size: A5

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21x14.8 cm