Buddy Squeegee
Buddy Squeegee

Buddy Squeegee

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Umbra Buddy All-Purpose White Squeegee For Car Glass/Window/Mirror - Durable Silicone Wiper Blade With Soft Buddy Non-Slip Hand - Removes Water Spots From Shower Surfaces and Bathroom Mirrors

DURABLE: Buddy Squeegee is constructed using strong, white molded polypropylene. Built-in anti-rust technology ensures the product is long-lasting.

FUNCTIONAL AND EFFECTIVE: With a rubber blade designed to clean, without leaving behind streaks, Buddy is a practical item for maintaining your shower’s sparkle; it helps remove soap scum from shower doors and walls, as well as fog from mirrors

FUN DESIGN: Part of the wider Buddy collection, this product makes cleaning more enjoyable, with its youthful molded figure serving as the base

EASY STORAGE: Buddy is designed with a suction cup on the back, allowing for covert, hassle-free hanging of the squeegee when not in use

DESIGNED BY ALAN WISNIEWSKI AND SUNG WOOK PARK FOR UMBRA: Measuring at 10.5 x 6.25 x 2 inches, Buddy Squeegee is both an efficient cleaning agent and visually appealing in form

Dim EA (L x W x H) cm
26 x 14 x 4

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