Wedding gifts, what to buy?

Wedding gifts, what to buy?

Attending a wedding this year? wondering what on earth to buy the happy couple? Lucky for you if they have a gift list you can choose from which will certainly make life easier. Gift vouchers is another easy one, but I bet you'll wonder what they spend them on!

However if your bride and groom have left it up to you, what do you buy them?

Decorative art is in vogue this year although your taste might not be their taste?

However with some statement decor a home is easily lifted with accessories such as cushions, wall hangings or with a piece of art. If this is a bit too bold a statement or financially beyond your means or you're just worried you might get it wrong, maybe opt for some coffee table books? tableware or smaller accessories for the home which have a graphic pattern.

Gifts that are bright and bold are also on trend this year. Jewel tones, florals and patterns with geometrics. 

Perhaps more mainstream are lux materials, golds, coppers, velvets and shiny metallics. These make beautiful wedding gifts. Glasses, jars, mirrors, frames, anything that shines or dazzles.

You can find these and more available on the Bunny and Clarke website and in store. Here are a few of our own ideas:

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